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State of New York     Police Juvenile Officers Association Inc.

1971 Western Avenue, PMB 104

Albany, NY  12203

(518) 456-0704

FAX (518) 456-0561

New York's Juvenile Officer and School Resource Officers Association



Elizabeth Frank 

Poughkeepsie PD (Retired)

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 Liz is an instructor of Juvenile Laws and Procedures, Status  Offenders, School Safety Officer/School Monitor training and Schools  and Security Assessment.  She is a founding member of the SNYPJOA and has had a major role in developing the J.A.B. Handbook, all of the Basic, Advanced, and SRO programs, and presenting them to officers all over NYS.  

Dr. Lisa Patierne, PhD.

Principal, Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk High School (Retired)

Success Principles Trainer, Coach, Transformational Leader


Contact Dr. Patierne

Dr. Lisa Patierne, PhD.

Principal, Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk High School

Success Principles Trainer, Coach, Transformational Leader


Dr. Lisa Patierne received her doctorate in leadership from Sage College of Albany, writing her dissertation in active shooters.  She has partnered with various police agencies and has had various trainings with Homeland Security.

Lisa has been a transformational leader for over 15 years leading many teams that have brought innovative and creative change to the organizations.  

As an educator for 26 years, Dr. Patierne, is the principal of Ravena Coeymans Selkirk High school.  She has recently been mentored by Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and Success Principles.  Graduating from Canfield Training in September 2018, she is a nationally certified transformational leader, speaker, and success coach.

Dr. Patierne is also certified in the Barrett Values Leadership model that utilizes Cultural Transformation Tools which measure what truly matters for success in schools, organizations, or departments.

Sergeant Craig Vedder

New York State Police

School and Community Outreach Unit- Project Coordinator

New York State Police

1220 Washington Ave, Building 22

Albany, NY 12226


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Sergeant Craig Vedder is a fourteen-year veteran of the New York State Police.  He is currently assigned to New York State Police Headquarters and serves as the Project Coordinator for the School and Community Outreach Unit.  His program provides technical assistance, professional development and presentations to government agencies, educational institutions, and community groups across the state. 

Craig earned his degree in Criminal Justice in 1998.  He began his career in Law Enforcement in 1999 as a Security Forces member in the United States Air Force. During his military career he advanced to the Emergency Services Team, where he was awarded Honor Graduate.  Craig honorably served both Stateside and overseas during his military career.  

After his military career, Craig transitioned into the civilian sector working in the union building trades in New York City.  He rose to the position of Project Manager, dealing specifically with building plans and codes compliance.  Today, his extensive knowledge of physical building designs and law enforcement align to assist schools and various agencies develop comprehensive Emergency Response Plans (ERP).  These plans are designed to combat such situations as an active assailant or other critical incidents. 

In light of the national opioid crisis sweeping our nation, Craig created several evidence-based drug awareness and mental health programs for students, parents, school staff, community members, law enforcement and judges.  His presentations provide drug identification, signs and symptoms of substance use and abuse, as well as community resources for treatment.  He earned the Foundation for a Drug Free World- Drug Free Hero Award in 2018 for his self-initiated educational program.  He has proudly presented to over 150,000 participants on a variety of topics since 2015.  Craig has a passion for assisting schools and communities create the safest possible environment.

David Fallon

Special Agent (Retired)

Federal Bureau of Investingations - Albany Office

David Fallon retired from the FBI Albany Field Office as a special agent with over 20 years of service. In addition to being a special agent, Dave also oversaw the Albany Office - Crimes Against Children Task Force and was a leading member of the FBI Missing Children Investigation unit for the northeast US.   Prior to joing the FBI,  Dave was an attorney in the Hartford Conn area majoring in business law.  In addition to be a consultant for the SNYPJOA,  Dave is currently a lecturing professor at SUNY-Albany, and a speaker at many venues around the country.

Keith currently serves as a correctional facility specialist with the New York State Commission of Correction (SCOC). He is responsible for administering all compliance monitoring activities performed by SCOC field staff as part of New York’s conformity with the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Preven

Amanda Grimes

New York State Commission of Corrections

‚Äč(518) 485-2485

Victor A. Civitillo

Senior Assistant County Attorney

Dutchess County Department of Law

(845) 486-2110

Contact Victor Civitello 

Victor Civitillo is an Assistant County Attorney for Dutchess County dealing with juvenile delinquency and offenders.  He has been a instructor and legal consultant for curriculum and education to the SNYPJOA for over 20 years, advising the board on issues related to juvenile justice and juvenile crimes.

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