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New York State Legislature approved     Raise the Age!

      April 10, 2017


The New York State Legislature has passed the FY2018 budget and with its passage, they have adopted a policy to change the age of criminal responsiblity in NY from 16 to 18.  These  changes will affect the way the the members of the SNYPJOA will do the high quaility work that we  have been conducting for many years in NYS.  OUr association is preparing changes to all of the ciriculmn and education of our members to adapt to the new laws and rules governing the policing of children in NYS.  The following link provides some information to NYS Raise the Age agenda. .Raise The Age

The SNYPJOA will be addressing Raise the Age Legislation in a presentation by our own Counsel, Assistant County Attorney Victor Civitello, who will provide a 4 hour in depth explanation and changes to juvenile law enforcement and prosecution for the new age of criminal responsibility in New York State.

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