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State of New York     Police Juvenile Officers Association Inc.

1971 Western Avenue, PMB 104

Albany, NY  12203

(518) 456-0704

FAX (518) 456-0561

New York's Juvenile Officer and School Resource Officers Association


President Lt. Nick DeLuca

Rockville Centre Police Department

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Presidents Message:

Thank you for this incredible honor to lead our association as its president. Our organization plays a vital role in ensuring the safety, well-being, and future of our youth, and I am humbled to have the opportunity to contribute to this mission in a greater capacity.

We are more than a group of law enforcement professionals. We are mentors, protectors, and advocates for the next generation. The work we do is more than just enforcing the law; it's about fostering trust, understanding, and positive relationships between the youth of our communities and the law enforcement officers who serve them.

During my tenure as president, my vision is to strengthen the bonds between our association and the communities we serve. Through the training of our SRO’s and Juvenile officers, we can bridge the gap and build lasting connections that extend beyond the confines of our uniforms and police shields.

I am committed to enhancing the professional growth and development of our members. Training, education, and sharing best practices will be cornerstones of our efforts this year, ensuring that we are well-equipped to handle the unique challenges and opportunities that arise when working with young individuals. Remember, it's back to school time and we should be pushing this narrative as much as possible in our communities. Talk about driver safety, school bus safety, AAA School's Open Drive Carefully campaigns, etc.

I am honored to be appointed as your president. Together, we can make a lasting impact, shaping a brighter future for the State of New York and its next generation.

Thank you once again for entrusting me with this opportunity to lead, and I look forward to the collaboration, growth, and positive change that lie ahead. We already have a lot of ideas planned for Niagara Falls next year and look forward to seeing you all there.

Thank you,

Lt. Nick DeLuca, Rockville Centre Police Department

Presidents Corner:

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